Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ghosts and Other Really Big Surprises - Cynthia Marsh

Now this is not a book review as, gentle readers, this is the Lunch Time Book Review's very own collection of short stories.  Yes this is my very own first foray into self publishing that I humbly present to you.

So I cannot review 'Ghosts and Other Really Big Surprises', but I can tell you something about it.  It is a collection of short stories that all have a ghostly or spooky theme.  So you will find tales of vengeful ghosts and helpful ghosts, vegetables that grow considerably larger than they should, a really sinister first date, a future Britain plagued by a strange disease, an ancient Egyptian queen who potentially still has the power to destroy the world and a young girl faced with the most difficult decision of her short life.

As they are scary stories, you may need some hot cocoa and plenty of chocolate to keep you going as you are reading and you may just need to keep the light on as you sleep.  After all is that just the wind howling through the trees in the garden.........?

And 'Ghosts and Other Really Big Surprises' is available on Amazon in the USA and the UK


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