Friday, 22 July 2011

Vacation Packing List: Save Your Back, Time and Money - Elisabeth Sowerbutts

Are you busy packing for your summer holidays and carefully choosing your holiday books so that you can do all that reading that you have been meaning to catch up on while lazing by the pool or tanning on the beach? Well, then maybe you would do well to go back a step and actually get a book on how to plan your holiday packing properly?

It might seem a bit strange to buy a book about vacation packing, but as all the airlines are getting tighter and tighter on their luggage allowances and are charging more and more for excess baggage (yes Ryanair I am talking about you!), then maybe we do need all the help that we can get!  Personally I have never got farther than roll your clothes don't fold them, and have never managed to not take far too many clothes that I don't get to wear.

Happily for us hopeless packers, one of my fellow writers on HubPages, Lissie, has written a book for us, telling us everything we need to know about how to do our holiday packing - Vacation Packing List.

Vacation Packing List will show you a whole new perspective on planning your holiday packing, including some innovative uses for satin pyjamas and how best to incorporate your photographic and reading requirements into your packing.

This invaluable little book is also very competitively priced, so you won't be using any of your precious holiday spending money to learn all of these invaluable holiday packing tips.  Learn to pack right, and you can then just float through your holiday, free as a bird, and concentrating on enjoying yourself!

Read the book over a Ploughman's and half a lager at the pub and then get back there and get on with that holiday packing!


  1. Thanks very much for your kind review - I love the idea of a Ploughman's and a 1/2 a lager - LOL though most Americans are probably pretty confused with that!

  2. A Ploughman's Lunch is staple fare in most British pubs, and consists of a plate of crusty bread, cheese, assorted pickles, and maybe some sliced apple, pork pie slices or other nibbles. Good hearty food for packing. Lager is a beer, and it is very much like the pale, fizzy beer that you drink in NZ or over in the States, as opposed to the much darker, warmer bitter which most Brits call beer.

    Hope the book is the big success that it deserves to be. C'mon people, roll up, roll up and get your copy of Vacation Packing List!