Thursday, 11 February 2010

Writing Tips for Aspiring Authors

As the manuscript for the children's fantasy fiction novel that I am writing is (and has been for some months!!) stuck at 50,000 words, I found that reading cindyvine's Hub on writing tips for aspiring authors to be both timely and useful.

cindyvine has written and published a couple of books and in the Hub talks us through how to plan our writing and be disciplined about it.  For any novel to be a success these days, it needs to well written, properly formatted and have a professional-looking cover that will appeal to your target audience.  The Hub also talks about writing about what we know and doing a lot of research to get the details correct.  There would be no point in writing a historical romance set at the time of the The War of the Roses in England if you had no historical knowledge of that period?  All that would happen is that anyone choosing to read that book would probably chuck it straight in the bin or through the open window (yes I have done this!).

So if you are serious about moving your writing career forward and really want to finish that novel that you started read all of writing tips for aspiring authors

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